The Madeira River is the main river of cargo and fuel transportation between the states of Rondônia and Amazonas. In 2015 the DNIT (National Department of Transportation) began the process of contracting dredging of the Madeira River in order to guarantee a navigation between the two states (Rondônia and Amazonas) and associated with the dredging service began the service of decontamination pain Madeira River (removal of mercury). Analysis of the knowledge and dissemination of information on the analysis of 70 by the quality products and through studies conducted by some research institutes identified that aquatic fauna, Indians and some communities are contaminated with mercury.

The dredging of the river wood has already begun. In a first step, the river bed will be deepened in seven critical points. The operation began on August 17, 2017 by the locality known as Curicaca, where it is expected to remove more than 100 thousand m³ of sediment.

In the next five years, R $ 68.7 million will be invested to guarantee the minimum draft of 3.5 meters required for the navigation of the barges that flow corn and soybean from the west of Mato Grosso to the ports of Arco Norte and also to the movement of fuel and general cargo between Porto Velho and Manaus.

The gold estimate is 4.5 g / ton of processed material and can reach up to 40 000 ounces of gold in a year (estimated).

The project is currently stopped because we are looking for financing / investor, therefore, there is a need to manufacture special equipment (to dredging) and hiring (special) labor so that it is possible to return with the operation.